The Star Of Light


Santorini. The very name conjures up visions of sun, fun and games.

This was the premise the ‘Final Option’ crew were operating under as they were sailing to the island. The reality, however, was to prove startlingly different because they found themselves once again embroiled in yet another criminal plot involving plans to steal antiquities from the Greek government. It was hatched by a group of nefarious characters who planned to sell them on the black market, with everything being controlled by one man in America. After a pleasant voyage from Monaco to Santorini, via Malta, the crew is immediately thrown into the thick of things, but they soon realize that they have been recruited without their knowledge and must now follow through on promises made to their handlers, which in this case is the Greek government representative on Santorini. He leaves them little choice in the matter, using his official position to intimidate them into cooperating with his plans to eliminate the criminals in his midst. Despite his promise to Shannon, Jack accepts a risky assignment from the government to help catch the criminals, and thus puts the entire crew, and the boat, into greater danger than they had ever been subject to during their previous adventures.

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