Move over James Patterson. You have another author closing in with the expertise to captivate readers with his vast experiences, knowledge of areas he writes about, and the skills of boating that brings you right on board.. Each book in John Andersen's Trilogy keeps you captivated with the actions and personality of the characters, the beauty of the area the adventures take place, and the history behind it all. You won't be able to pause between books. You will be so captivate you'll move on to the next without hesitation and with much anticipation to be part of the ongoing events. Anxiously waiting for John's next books. A great read if you are a avid reader of excellent writing skills. Keep them coming, John.


Thoroughly enjoyed all three books. Each is packed with action and adventure. For anyone who has been to the settings in South Florida, The Keys, the Bahamas, Virgin Islands and Monaco - you will easily recognize a lot of the places mentioned in the books as the author has obviously been there and his descriptions are spot on. All three books are fun reads - especially for lounging at the beach or lazy snow days in front of the fire! Can't wait for his next book to come out - the preview of his next book, a science fiction novel, that was at the end of Final Option: The Monaco Conspiracy, looks really interesting. Can't wait to read it. But as a fan of the Final Option Trilogy, I sure hope John brings back Jack, Shannon, Katie & Sean for future adventures!


John Andersen mixes history and yachting life with fantasy, handsome and adventurous men with captivating women. Flippant and devil-may-care dialogue with unique villains. Always fun, always a pleasure.
The best thing about this book is the action and storytelling. From the beginning to the end the people come to life and grab you. You cannot put it down until you finish. You can also read this a second time and find little things that you missed the first time.
Highly Recommend!

Eric S.   

John has a way of transporting the reader to the breathtaking settings with his eloquent writing. All 3 books are hard to lay down. You want to keep reading! Ready for the next one!


These stories have the ability to transport the reader into the setting John has painted so eloquently with his grasp of the breath taking views he has experienced.


The first book in this trilogy was great, and the second book was just as much fun to read. Starting on the third book and it is starting out with the same tone and wonderful language of the author. I will buy more of John's books. Write faster John.

Amazon Customer   

Great read!

Hard to put down. Lots of action based in favorite yachting locations in Bahamas, Ft Lauderdale, the Keys. If you like boats and adventure, you will enjoy it.

Amazon Customer   

I very much enjoyed reading the first of this trilogy. I enjoyed the characters, and especially liked the vivid location details, etc. I will definitely read the next two books.

Alison reviewed The Final Option (Bahamas)   

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